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Regular Release T30 Rear Chamber
Regular Release T30 Rear Chamber

Regular Release T30 Rear Chamber

OE Number  :  9254813130; 1912986; 9254813100; KLTC1286
Suitable for  :  SCANIA
Q24/30P SD06003 M22*1.5VOSS 0 45 11000 15
SD06003N 9254813130 1912986 M16*1.5 -90 -45 SCANIA 
SD06003N03 M22*1.5VOSS 90 135
SD06003N01 9254813100 KLTC1286 M16*1.5 0 -100

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Product Knowledge

The Regular Release T30 Rear Chamber, also known as a T30 brake chamber, is a type of brake chamber commonly used in air brake systems for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, and trailers. It is an essential component that converts the energy from compressed air into mechanical force to activate the vehicle's braking system.

The T30 brake chamber is named after its size designation, with "T30" indicating its specific dimensions and capacity. The "rear chamber" designation indicates that it is typically used as the rear brake chamber in a dual chamber brake system, with the front chamber being a different size.

The Regular Release T30 Rear Chamber operates using a diaphragm and a pushrod mechanism. When compressed air is supplied to the brake chamber, it causes the diaphragm to expand, which in turn activates the pushrod. The pushrod then transmits the force to the brake shoes or pads, engaging them against the brake drum or disc and generating the necessary friction to slow down or stop the vehicle.

One notable feature of the Regular Release T30 Rear Chamber is the "Regular Release" mechanism. This mechanism allows for the automatic release of the brake pressure when the compressed air is depleted or released from the brake chamber. It ensures that the brakes disengage and prevent dragging or excessive wear when the vehicle is not actively braking.

The T30 brake chamber is widely used in various heavy-duty applications due to its reliability and compatibility with air brake systems.