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Jiaxing Shengding Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Shengding Machinery Co., Ltd., is a professional enterprise engaging in design, manufacture and sale of commertial vehicle spare parts.

The company originated from the mechanical core team established by Sheng Zhonglin in 2003 and gradually developed. It was re-registered and established in 2007. It focuses on the production of brake chambers, brake valves and other commercial vehicle parts and components. It is a collection of R&D, manufacturing, and sales. An integrated national high-tech enterprise;

In 2008, Chairman Sheng Zhonglin decided to start transformation and upgrading after market research at home and abroad, focusing on R&D and production of brake chambers, positioning the mid-to-high-end market.

In consideration of long-term development, the company aims to focus on high-quality products and build brand reputation.
SAND adheres to the development concept of "creating products with integrity and building brands with quality", paying attention to details and focusing on quality. In order to pursue leadership, daring to innovate, and focus on investment, SAND has adhered to the road of independent innovation for many years. The company has invested heavily in high-tech production equipment and testing equipment, and formed a professional R&D team composed of more than 10 engineers and technicians. Please come in and go out, etc., relying on the self-established Shengding Machinery Auto Parts Technology Research and Development Center to establish a close technical cooperation relationship with universities, all products are independently researched and developed, and continue to introduce new ones, becoming the first professional manufacturer of spring brake gas in the domestic industry It is a professional manufacturing enterprise with the most complete models and models and the first quality reputation. In 2017, a new plant with an investment of 120 million yuan and an area of ​​28 acres was officially completed. A good operating environment and huge production scale have laid a solid foundation for the company's global strategic development.
Leading by strategy and driven by strength. Today, SAND's two major domestic and foreign markets, supporting and after-sales markets, are advancing side by side. For more than ten years, through Europe as the center, radiating neighboring countries, completing the strategic layout of "center blossom", adopting the tactical plan of "surrounding the city from the countryside" , Taking the middle and back ends of the supply chain to pay more attention to quality as a breakthrough point, give priority to capturing middle and downstream customers.
Jiaxing Shengding Machinery Co., Ltd.


In 2009, it started to support the axles of the domestic public transportation system, and the card embedded manufacturing company. In 2011, it passed the ISO/TS16949:2009 certification.

In 2012, the product passed the German TUV test, obtained the E1 certificate, and obtained the European matching qualification. Become the first company in China to have an E1 certificate for brake chambers.

In 2013, registered the SAND brand, established a research and development center, and implemented 5S management.

In 2014, the product passed TUV testing and obtained KBA certificate. The company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

In 2015, the SAND brand has brand agents in Russia, Australia and other countries.

In 2016, the provincial R&D center was established.

In 2017, plans to establish a new factory workshop, SAND agent brand launch conference, and passed IATF16949:2016 management system certification. At the end of 2017, the third 5-year strategic plan was formulated to focus on the OE market. Strengthen the internal management of the enterprise, improve the quality control, and make full preparations for the next major domestic and foreign supporting customers and well-known customers in the industry. Begin to establish contacts with well-known domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, and further drive the after-sales market through supporting markets.

In 2018, we introduced an incentive system, improved performance compensation reform, and gave full play to the enthusiasm of team members.

In 2019, we will also introduce lean production and fully implement 6S management.

In 2020-2022, the new factory workshop was completed. We are also embedded in Dingjie Systems. We Focus on management, quality and sustainable development.

Looking forward to the future, SAND will be the Top Level CV Brake Chamber Manufacturer of the International.

Development History
Shengding’s Company Culture

Jiaxing Shengding Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • 01Enterprise Vision:

    Rising and Crescent, Winning the World.

  • 02 Enterprise Values:

    Building a Business with Honesty and Winning with Quality.

  • 03Business philosophy:

    to build products with personality and brand with quality.

  • 04Quality Concept:

    Pay attention to details, pay attention to quality.

Jiaxing Shengding Machinery Co., Ltd.


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Jiaxing Shengding Machinery Co., Ltd.

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