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J-Series Regular Release
J-Series Regular Release

J-Series Regular Release

OE Number :  4254262010; 4254299010; 4254571000; 4253332000
Suitable for :  IVECO
Q9/16J SD36001 BTP36001 M16*1.5 0 180 6800 118
Q10/516J SD36006 M16*1.5 0 60 150
SD36006N01 M22*1.5
Q12/16J SD36002 4254262010 M22*1.5VOSS 0 -90 6400 113 M48*1.5
SD36002N03 100.020.024 M16*1.5 -90 6800 160
SD36002N04 4254540710 M22*1.5 180 176 M48*1.5
Q18/16J SD36007 4254299010  M16*1.5 0 155 6950 150 M48*2
Q16/16J SD36003 4254289000  M16*1.5 0 155 6950 150 M48*2
Q14/24J SD36011 4254561000 M22*1.5VOSS 0 180 7950 148 M48*1.5
Q16/24J SD36004 4253571000  M16*1.5 0 155 6950 150 M48*2
SD36004N01 M22*1.5VOSS 90 180 7800 161
SD36004N02 M16*1.5 180 161
Q18/24J SD36008 SD36-18/24 M22*1.5VOSS 0 45 7800 158 M48*2
SD36008N01 180 159
SD36008N02 4254571000 4254571000 148
Q20/24J SD36009 M16*1.5 0 135 7800 160 M48*2
SD36009N01 4253332000
Q22/24J SD36010 100.020.036 M16*1.5 0 135 7800 160 M48*2
Q24/24J SD36005 M22*1.5VOSS 0 135 160 M48*2 IVECO

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Jiaxing Shengding Machinery Co., Ltd. originated from the core machinery team established by Sheng Zhonglin in 2003 and has gradually grown. It was re-registered and established in 2007. SAND has been adhering to the road of independent innovation for many years. All products are independently researched and developed, and new products are continuously introduced, becoming the first professional manufacturer of spring brake gas in the same industry in China.

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Product Knowledge

Designed for heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, buses, and trailers, the J-Series Regular Release Auto Parts are meticulously crafted to ensure reliable and efficient braking performance. These components play a crucial role in the braking system, contributing to the overall safety and control of the vehicle.

Key Features and Benefits:
1. Regular Release Mechanism: The J-Series Regular Release Auto Parts feature a regular release mechanism that automatically disengages the brakes when the air pressure is released or depleted. This mechanism prevents brake dragging, reduces wear on components, and enhances overall safety.

2. Precision Engineering: Each J-Series Regular Release Auto Part is engineered with precision and attention to detail. These parts undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

3. Durability and Reliability: Built with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, the J-Series Regular Release Auto Parts are designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty vehicle applications. They are built to last, providing long-lasting durability and reliability.

4. Enhanced Safety: By incorporating the regular release mechanism, the J-Series Regular Release Auto Parts contribute to enhanced safety on the road. They provide consistent and controlled braking, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of drivers, passengers, and cargo.

5.Easy Installation: The J-Series Regular Release Auto Parts are designed for easy installation, saving time and effort during the replacement or maintenance process. They are engineered to fit seamlessly into the vehicle's braking system, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience.