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Steering Axle Lock Cylinder SZG06,07,10
Steering Axle Lock Cylinder SZG06,07,10

Steering Axle Lock Cylinder SZG06,07,10

OE Number  :  99631001; C3115000
Suitable for  :  ROR
SD6D009 99631001 ROR
SD6D011 C3115000 M12x1.5

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Product Knowledge

The Steering Axle Lock Cylinder is a component used in certain vehicles, particularly those with articulated or multi-axle configurations, to facilitate the locking and unlocking of the steering axle. This cylinder plays a crucial role in enhancing stability and control during specific operations or situations.

The purpose of the Steering Axle Lock Cylinder is to immobilize the steering axle, preventing it from pivoting or turning. This functionality is especially important when a vehicle needs to maintain a straight path, such as during long-distance highway travel or while towing heavy loads. By locking the steering axle, the cylinder helps prevent unwanted steering movements and ensures a more predictable and stable vehicle trajectory.

When the Steering Axle Lock Cylinder is activated, it extends or retracts to engage a locking mechanism or mechanism, depending on the specific design. This effectively immobilizes the steering axle, restricting its ability to pivot or turn. Once the lock is engaged, the steering axle remains fixed in a straight position until the lock is disengaged, typically by the driver using a control inside the vehicle's cabin.

The Steering Axle Lock Cylinder is generally controlled by the driver and is integrated into the vehicle's steering system. It is designed to withstand the loads and forces encountered during normal vehicle operation and to provide reliable and secure locking functionality.

By allowing the driver to lock the steering axle when necessary, the Steering Axle Lock Cylinder contributes to overall vehicle stability, improved handling, and enhanced control in specific driving conditions. It provides an added level of safety and helps ensure that the vehicle maintains a consistent direction, particularly during highway travel or while hauling heavy loads.