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Φ100mm Clutch Servo
Φ100mm Clutch Servo

Φ100mm Clutch Servo



Φ100mm Clutch Servo



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The Φ100mm Clutch Servo contributes to smoother clutch engagement and disengagement by assisting the driver in actuating the clutch pedal with reduced effort. Here's how it works:

1. Force Amplification: The Φ100mm Clutch Servo is designed to amplify the force applied to the clutch pedal by the driver. When the driver presses the clutch pedal, hydraulic pressure is directed to the clutch servo, which utilizes mechanical leverage and hydraulic amplification to increase the force transmitted to the clutch release mechanism.

2. Reduced Pedal Effort: By amplifying the force applied to the clutch pedal, the Φ100mm Clutch Servo significantly reduces the effort required by the driver to disengage the clutch. This makes it easier and more comfortable to operate the clutch pedal, especially in situations that require frequent clutch engagement and disengagement, such as stop-and-go traffic or driving on hilly terrain.

3. Smooth Transitions: The Φ100mm Clutch Servo provides consistent force application to the clutch release mechanism, resulting in smoother clutch engagement and disengagement. This helps minimize abrupt jerks or uneven clutch pedal movements, contributing to a smoother driving experience.

4. Precise Control: The Φ100mm Clutch Servo allows for precise control over the clutch engagement and disengagement process. The amplified force applied by the clutch servo enables better modulation and control of the clutch pedal, enhancing the driver's ability to smoothly shift gears and precisely manage clutch engagement.

6.Reduced Fatigue: By reducing the effort required to operate the clutch pedal, the Φ100mm Clutch Servo helps alleviate driver fatigue, particularly during prolonged periods of driving or in heavy traffic conditions. The reduced pedal effort can help prevent strain on the driver's leg muscles and contribute to a more comfortable driving experience.