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S-cam Brake Chamber
S-cam Brake Chamber

S-cam Brake Chamber

OE Number  :  BZ3372-II33455; A2671
Suitable for  :
12G SD51006 57 Z1/4 Z1/4+D 0 45 225
16G SD51001 64 / Z1/4 / 45 240
SD51001D 64 Z3/8 Z3/8 -90 45 266
16GL SD51001L BZ3372-II33455 75 1/4NPTF+D 1/4NPTF 90 45 228
20G SD51002 57 / 3/8"NPTF / 90 350
SD51002N01 3/8"NPTF 60 225
SD51002N03 Z1/4 45 250
SD51002N04 3/8"NPTF / 90 45 275
SD51002D 3/8"NPTF+D -90 45 222.5
24G SD51003N01 57 / Z3/8 / 45 230
SD51003N03 60 225
SD51003N05 1024L Z1/4 45 235
SD51003D Z3/8 Z3/8+D -90 222.5
SD51003D01 Z3/8 266
24GL SD51007D01 75 Z1/4 Z1/4 0 90 222
SD51007D02 A2671 Z1/4+D -45 200
30G SD51004 64 / 3/8"NPTF / 45 290
SD51004N01 Z1/4 272
SD51004N03 350
SD51004N04 3/8"NPTF / 270
SD51004N 3/8"NPTF / 90 45 239.5
SD51004D 3/8"NPTF+D -90 45 222.5
SD51004D01 256
SD51004D02 3/8"NPTF+D 3/8"NPTF 135 45 248
SD51004D03 0 230

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Product Knowledge

The S-cam Brake Chamber is typically located in the braking system of heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and trailers. Specifically, it is part of the drum brake system. The S-cam Brake Chamber is connected to the brake shoes and plays a crucial role in applying the necessary force to engage the brakes.

To be more specific, the S-cam Brake Chamber is usually mounted on the backing plate or brake spider, which is located inside the brake drum assembly. It is positioned near the axle and wheel-end of the vehicle.

Within the drum brake assembly, the S-cam Brake Chamber is connected to an S-cam, which is a rotating cam-shaped mechanism. As the air pressure is applied to the brake chamber, the diaphragm and pushrod mechanism inside the S-cam Brake Chamber activate the S-cam. The rotation of the S-cam, in turn, pushes the brake shoes outward, causing them to make contact with the inner surface of the brake drum. This creates friction between the brake shoes or pads and the drum or disc, resulting in the vehicle's deceleration or complete stop.

The S-cam Brake Chamber's role is crucial in ensuring effective braking performance and safety. It provides the mechanical force required to engage the brakes and generate the necessary friction to slow down or stop the vehicle. Proper maintenance and inspection of the S-cam Brake Chamber are essential to ensure its reliable operation and contribute to the overall safety of the braking system.