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Brake Ram
Brake Ram

Brake Ram

OE Number  :  SD06E001
Suitable for  :  Agricultural Vehicles
Y-25 SD6E001

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Product Knowledge

A Brake Ram, also known as a brake actuator or brake cylinder, is a component of a hydraulic braking system. It is responsible for converting hydraulic pressure into mechanical force to engage the brakes and slow down or stop a vehicle. The Brake Ram plays a crucial role in transmitting the applied force from the brake pedal or control system to the brake shoes or pads.

A Brake Ram differs from other components in a braking system in its specific role and design. While the master cylinder generates hydraulic pressure and distributes it to various brake lines, the Brake Ram is responsible for converting that pressure into mechanical force to activate the brakes.

The Brake Ram directly translates hydraulic pressure into mechanical force to engage the brakes, whereas the master cylinder generates and controls the hydraulic pressure.The Brake Ram is typically located near or directly attached to the brake shoes or pads, allowing it to actuate the brakes directly. In contrast, the master cylinder is usually positioned in the engine compartment or near the brake pedal.

The Brake Ram is designed as a cylinder-like device with a piston or plunger that moves back and forth in response to hydraulic pressure. It often contains seals or o-rings to prevent fluid leakage. The master cylinder, on the other hand, is a more complex assembly with pistons, reservoirs, and valves.