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Air & Hydraulic Brake Chamber
Air & Hydraulic Brake Chamber

Air & Hydraulic Brake Chamber

OE Number  :  SD6B001
Suitable for  :  Agricultural Vehicles
20-25 SD6B001 20 25mm 25
20-30 SD6B011 20 30mm 30
24-25 SD6B002 24 25mm 25
24-30 SD6B012 24 30mm 30
24-35 SD6B022 24 35mm 35
16-25 SD6B003 16 25mm 25
16-20 SD6B013 16 20mm 20
12-20 SD6B014 12 20mm 20
12-25 SD6B015 12 25mm 25

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Jiaxing Shengding Machinery Co., Ltd. originated from the core machinery team established by Sheng Zhonglin in 2003 and has gradually grown. It was re-registered and established in 2007. SAND has been adhering to the road of independent innovation for many years. All products are independently researched and developed, and new products are continuously introduced, becoming the first professional manufacturer of spring brake gas in the same industry in China.
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Product Knowledge

An Air & Hydraulic Brake Chamber is a component of a vehicle's braking system that combines the principles of both air and hydraulic systems to facilitate effective braking. It plays a critical role in converting the applied force into mechanical energy to actuate the brakes.

The Air & Hydraulic Brake Chamber consists of two main chambers: an air chamber and a hydraulic chamber. The air chamber utilizes compressed air from the vehicle's air brake system to exert force on the brake shoes or pads, thereby generating the initial braking action. This air-assisted force helps provide quick and responsive braking, especially in heavy-duty applications.

Simultaneously, the hydraulic chamber complements the air chamber by further amplifying the braking force. It utilizes hydraulic fluid, typically stored in a separate reservoir, to generate additional pressure. The hydraulic system enhances the precision and control of the braking mechanism, contributing to improved stopping performance.

The combined air and hydraulic forces work in tandem to apply pressure on the brake shoes or pads, creating friction against the rotating brake drums or discs. This friction converts the vehicle's kinetic energy into heat, effectively slowing down or stopping the vehicle.

By incorporating both air and hydraulic systems, the Air & Hydraulic Brake Chamber provides a comprehensive and reliable braking solution. The air component offers quick response and initial force, while the hydraulic component enhances control and amplifies the braking power. This hybrid design is particularly beneficial for heavy-duty vehicles or applications that demand efficient braking under varying conditions and loads.