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The machine composition of the air brake?

The parts of the air brake are partly installed on the locomotive and the other part is installed on the vehicle.
Equipment on the locomotive: air compressor, master air cylinder, brake valve, etc.
The compressed air produced by the air compressor is stored in the main air cylinder. The braking and mitigation effects of the vehicles in the train are realized by the driver of the locomotive operating the brake valves.
Equipment on the vehicle: (take GK brakes as the column) brake main pipe, angle plug door, brake branch pipe, cut off plug door, telecentric dust collector, three-way valve, auxiliary air cylinder, pressure reducing air cylinder, Empty and heavy vehicle adjusting device, brake cylinder, brake shoe.
The main brake pipe is installed under the underframe of the vehicle. It runs through the entire vehicle and is a pipeline that transmits compressed air.
Cut off the plug
Installed on the brake branch pipe to open or cut off the air passage of the brake branch pipe. It is always in the open position. When the brake of the vehicle fails or needs to stop the braking action of the vehicle due to loading of goods, it can be turned off to stop the action of the brake of the vehicle.
Closed car
The vehicle that shuts off the plug door and stops the action of the brake is usually called a "door-closing vehicle".
Telecentric dust collector
Using centrifugal force, dust, moisture, rust and other impurities in the compressed air are deposited in the lower part of the dust collector to avoid entering the three-way valve and other parts.
Three-way valve
It is the most important part of the vehicle brake. It is connected to the brake branch pipe, the auxiliary air cylinder and the brake cylinder to control the passage of compressed air, so that the brake can brake or relieve.
Auxiliary air cylinder
It is a place where compressed air is stored. Braking uses the function of a three-way valve to send compressed air into the brake cylinder for braking.
Brake cylinder
When the compressed air enters the brake cylinder, it pushes the brake cylinder to turn the air pressure into mechanical thrust, and then the brake shoe closes the wheel through the brake lever to act as a brake.
Pressure reducing air cylinder
It is connected with the brake cylinder, and there is an empty and heavy vehicle adjusting device between the two, which can meet the requirements of different braking pressures for empty and heavy vehicles.
Empty and heavy vehicle adjustment
Install it on the GK type brake and use it to control the passage between the pressure reducing air cylinder and the brake cylinder to achieve the purpose of adjusting the braking force. It includes empty and heavy truck loading and changing handles and empty and heavy truck conversion plugs.

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